Fundamentals of PLC Technology UniTrain Course
Today‘s highly automated industrial landscape is characterised by machines which operate more or less automatically. As a rule these systems are operated by programmable logic control.

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Training Concepts:
  • PLC fundamentals and basic concepts
  • Design and operation
  • Logical operations, memory functions, timer and counter functions, signal edge evaluation, control of program sequence, analogue value processing
  • Addressing
  • Program structures
  • Project planning of automation systems
  • Programming with ST (Structured Text), FBD (Function Block Diagram or LD (Ladder Diagram)
  • Basic logical operations in ST
  • Basic logical operations in FBD
  • Basic logical operations in LD
  • Combined basic logical operations
  • Memory chips
  • Function blocks
  • Program structures
  • Analog value processing
  • Sequence control systems
  • Project planning in digital technology
  • Project planning in traffic light control
  • Project planning in analogue value processing
  • Project planning with 7-segment displays
Product: Fundamentals of PLC Technology UniTrain Course
Product Code: SO4204-8M

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