Mixed Block & Car Assembly Production Line with IMS Industry 4.0
This system is used to train all of the required working steps. Starting from the conception, through the mechanical assembly of the facility all the way to the programming of a fully automated production line. The journey goes from the basic principles of individual subsystems all the way to the advanced programming and networking of entire production systems. With this system not only three-part blocks but cars can be produced. A multi-part car with integrated operational pcbs, chassis and different car bodies is completely assembled and “painted” on a fully automated production line. Subsequently a quality control phase takes place including individual labelling. Using an imprinted QR code the production sides of the products can be called up via mobile end devices. A detailed overview of all production data can be monitored. Using a QR code and AR-capable end devices it is possible to project and observe a 3D model of the ordered product on the table.

Block Assembly Parts:
  • Bottom Part (White & Black)
  • Upper Part (White & Black)
  • Bolt (Silver-Metal & Red-Plastic)


Car Assembly Parts:
  • Car Body (Two different types)
  • Chassis
  • Operational PCB
  • Battery

Assembly production line consists of the following substations:
Training Concepts:

Training Concepts:
  • Create TIA-Portal projects
  • Become familiar with mechatronic systems
  • Convert mechanical operations into programmable sequential operations
  • PLC programming of sequential control systems
  • Integration, i.e. Networking of individual systems into production lines
  • Implementation of full-automated production lines
  • Networking of an ERP system with the production line

Your Benefits:
  • Modularity of the systems
  • Usage of genuine industrial components
  • Self-study courses to explore and work through requirements
  • Flexible project situations
  • Multiple extension options Including:
    • Augmented Reality
    • Robotics
Product: Mixed Block & Car Assembly Production Line with IMS Industry 4.0
Product Code: CMP 50

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