Electrical Engineering & Electro Technologies

Electrical Engineering and Electro Technology Training Equipment

Training Systems Australia is particularly proud of being the supplier of choice for every major tender in the electro technology and electrical engineering training fields during 2013. Our teaching equipment and training resources facilitate learning across the wide range of electrical and electro technology areas including; power generation and distribution, Smart Grid technology, electrical installation and wiring, power engineering, refrigeration and air-conditioning, power electronics, communications, renewable energies, machines, motors and drives as well as automation, instrumentation and control.

Many of our customers have integrated our UniTrain-I and specialised training panels to enhance their training delivery in a wide range of areas including UEE30811, UEE32211 and many, many more. The benefits of our training equipment and resources is that they can be utilised across all levels of training and the easy- to-customise content allows Institutes to integrate these systems with existing and new content.

Our panels have been customised to reflect Australian conditions and colours to give local students the opportunity for training on world class equipment that meets their training needs.

We also have a wide range of engineering training equipment to suit civil, mechanical and electrical engineering to meet the needs of Universities delivering high level and research-based teaching.

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