Industry 4.0 Smart Factory Extension Equipment Sets
The equipment sets listed here can only be used in full when operated in conjunction with the Smart Factory Assembly Line. Should these equipment sets be operated separately, it may be necessary to add some additional hardware to the equipment listed here.

However, all of the equipment can be deployed elsewhere as standalone variants with full accessories. These can be found integrated into such areas as robotics, safety engineering or applied automation technology.

Available Training Extension Equipment Sets:

Training Concepts:

Training Concepts:
  • Create TIA-Portal projects
  • Become familiar with mechatronic systems
  • Convert mechanical operations into programmable sequential operations
  • PLC programming of sequential control systems
  • Integration, i.e. Networking of individual systems into production lines
  • Implementation of full-automated production lines
  • Networking of an ERP system with the production line

Your Benefits:
  • Modularity of the systems
  • Usage of genuine industrial components
  • Self-study courses to explore and work through requirements
  • Flexible project situations
  • Multiple extension options Including:
    • Augmented Reality
    • Robotics
Product: Industry 4.0 Smart Factory Extension Equipment Sets
Product Code: VARIOUS

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