Collaborative 6-axes Robot Arm
The 6-axes robot arm does not need a protective cage or zone. The collaborative properties of the arm permit safe operation with the robot without any protective safety measures. The force-disabling sensitivity is adjustable.

The assembled two-finger gripper can be incrementally open and closed with precision. The gripping force used to grasp objects can also be set separately and variably for each project. This makes it deployable for a host of different project tasks.

With its integrated camera system, the collaborating robot can reliably detect the shape and location of objects and then grip these objects at predetermined positions. The robot automatically adapts itself to the new location depending on where the object being gripped is.

Training Concepts:
  • Hardware setup
  • Coordinate systems
  • Robot control
  • Robot movement
  • Working with projects:
    • Five project assignments for learning about a variety of robot functions
  • Robot control by PLC:
    • Setting up Profinet communication
    • Two project assignments for learning about communication between robot and PLC
Product: Collaborative 6-axes Robot Arm
Product Code: CCR 2

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