Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) with Conveyor System
In modern companies more and more driverless transport systems (DTS) are being deployed. Orientation of the DTS is performed via integrated sensors which scan the environment. By comparing the environment with the previously created map, the DTS can safely navigate the room.

The conveyor belt permits one or more workpiece carriers to be loaded. The DTS docks at the transport system of a production line and receives a workpiece carrier transferred from the belt. The DTS then drives automatically to a drop-off point previously stored and hands over the workpiece carrier to another conveyor belt system.

Training Concepts:
  • Hardware set-up
  • Mapping
  • Project planning for the DTS
  • Establish communication channel between DTS and PLC
  • Programming of sequence of functions of several automation units
Product: Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) with Conveyor System
Product Code: CAV 10

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