Protection for Electrical Consumers
Malfunctions in electrical systems resulting from short circuits, overload etc. must be prevented or at least restricted by means of appropriate protective measures, and the faulty devices disconnected selectively from the network. For the protective features to be properly implemented and correctly dimensioned, it is necessary to know their trigger characteristics and times, as well as their operational characteristics.

Available Training Systems:
Training Concepts:

Electrical Machines Protection:
  • Selection, installation and adjustment of various motor protection systems
  • Motor circuit-breaker
  • Motor protection relay
  • Thermistor protection
  • Influence of various operating modes on the heat build-up of the motor
  • Tripping characteristics of the protective systems
  • Protection against impermissible loads

Motor Management Relays:
  • Computer-assisted set-up and putting into operation
  • Programming such operations as direct start-up, star and delta starting, starting pole-switchable motors, motor protection
  • Parameterisation of the overload variables and switch-off response under different loads
  • Measuring dynamic processes during start-up
  • Preventive maintenance
Product: Protection for Electrical Consumers
Product Code: Various

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