Motor Management Relays Training System
Motor management systems are put into action in modern automation systems and make it possible to provide drives and processing systems with the optimum protection, control and monitoring system. These systems permit the detection of, for example, the motor temperature, voltage or current. The transparency of the motor and its functions is enhanced thanks to the field-bus system (e.g. PROFIBUS) that connects it to the primary process automation system. Consequently, the motor operating capacity and energy consumption can be determined without having to perform measurements on site.

Power Classes Available: 0.3 & 1 kW

Training Concepts:
  • Computer-assisted set-up and putting into operation
  • Programming such operations as direct start-up, star and delta starting, starting pole-switchable motors, motor protection
  • Measuring dynamic processes during start-up
  • Parameterisation of the overload variables and switch-off response under different loads
  • Preventive maintenance
Product: Motor Management Relays Training System
Product Code: EDT 51

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