Smart Homes using Existing Bus Systems
The interface board supplements existing bus systems. It acts as a central communications facility for various bus systems. It can be used to exchange data between KNX, DALI and EnOcean buses. At the same time, it also offers access for setting KNX parameters via Ethernet.

Note: This Training System is a Supplement Equipment Set to the Equipment Sets:

  • Interfaces for KNX
  • Parameterisation
  • DALI interface
  • Commissioning of coloured and white LEDs
  • Scenes 
  • Sequences
  • i-bus tool
  • EnOcean interface
  • IP interface
  • Cybersecurity
  • Area/line couplers
  • Visualisation via PC, tablet or smartphone
  • KNX apps for Android or Apple
  • Z-Wave interface
Product: Smart Homes using Existing Bus Systems
Product Code: EIT 8.3

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