Robotics Trainer
Robotics Trainer offers a classroom-based resource for practical investigation of the technology and engineering behind modern automated systems.

Users can select from a range of prepared demonstration programs to explore the design and logic used to program automated systems. The interface software also allows for users to develop their own programs using BASIC style programming commands.

This resource can also be used in conjunction with Optional Cloud-based Software, which offers online practical tasks as well as interactive theory presentations, investigations, and assessments, which link directly to the practical activities carried out using this resource.

Training Concepts:
  • Manual Control of a Robot
  • Flowcharts and Programs
  • Sensing, Decisions, and Counting
  • Open and Closed Loop Control
  • Transportation Around the Work-cell
  • Manipulating Parts
  • Industrial Robots

Trainer includes:
  • Robotic Work-cell
    • Baseboard
    • Conveyor Belt
    • Infra-red Light Gate
    • Component Dispenser (Large and Small)
    • Component Bin
  • Robotic Arm
  • Power Supply
  • Accessory Kit
  • USB to Parallel Adapter
  • Curriculum CD
  • Robot Control Software
Product: Robotics Trainer
Product Code: 240-01

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