Modern Auxiliary Systems Trainer (CAN Bus)
Modern Auxiliary Systems Trainer is designed to provide a practical approach to theoretical learning, as well as developing technical skills for electronic system fault finding.

Students are set tasks that encourage them to explore CAN Bus electric window, door mirror, seat and central locking circuits practically and improve their knowledge of these systems. Students will also be directed to work through a number of fault-finding activities (7 in all), encouraging fault-diagnosis skills.

This resource can also be used in conjunction with Optional Cloud-based Software, which offers online practical tasks as well as interactive theory presentations, investigations, and assessments, which link directly to the practical activities carried out using this resource.

Trainer provides the Following Features:
  • On-board mimic of a car, with access to the following circuit components:
  • 12V battery
  • ECU Pin Outs
  • Window Sensor and Mimic
  • Door Mirror and Mimic
  • Car Seat Sensor and Mimic
  • Central Locking Sensor and Mimic

Typical Practical Tasks Include:
  • CAN Bus Window, Mirror and Seat Systems
  • CAN Bus Central Locking System
  • CAN Data BUS
  • CAN Bus measurement
  • Fault finding and diagnosing CAN Bus Auxiliary faults
Product: Modern Auxiliary Systems Trainer (CAN Bus)
Product Code: 721-01

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