Hybrid Vehicle Systems Panel Trainer
This trainer provides students and instructors with the opportunity to demonstrate, investigate and fault-find a simulation of a hybrid vehicle electrical system.

The trainer is designed to allow access to a simulation of the mechanical operation as well as provide a mimic of the electrical power flow. The panel also includes test points at a safe voltage level to allow for investigation of electrical circuits. To facilitate the development of techniques in diagnostics and fault-finding skills, the panel includes a range of fault-insertion options to simulate typical real-world system malfunctions.

This resource can also be used in conjunction with Optional Cloud-based Software, which offers online practical tasks as well as interactive theory presentations, investigations, and assessments, which link directly to the practical activities carried out using this resource.
Features & Practical Tasks:

Trainer provides the Following Features:
  • Simulation of mechanical and electrical power flow
  • Dashboard with speed, RPM, ECO monitor and temperature displays
  • Brake and accelerator pedals
  • Gear-shift control and park push-button
  • Ignition and power push-buttons
  • Gradient switch
  • Controls to adjust external, internal, cabin and coolant temperatures
  • Terminals to make DC and AC circuit measurements
  • Hybrid transaxle featuring a planetary gear set
  • Scan tool to display diagnostic trouble codes
  • Manual or automatic fault insertion

Typical Practical Tasks Include:
  • Series, parallel and series-parallel systems
  • Hybrid brake systems
  • Electric motors
  • Storage devices
  • Hybrid engines
  • Cables, connectors, protection devices and controllers
  • Power-control modules
  • Safety
  • Routine maintenance and repair
Product: Hybrid Vehicle Systems Panel Trainer
Product Code: 756-01

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