Auto Electronics Trainer
Auto Electronics Trainer allows students to build a variety of introductory automotive electronic circuits using a range of on-board and carrier-mounted components. The unique design of the unit includes a heavy-duty casing with transparent protective cover. When in use, the cover folds back to provide an angled support for the board. With the cover closed, units become stackable for easy storage.

Students are set tasks that encourage them to explore circuits practically, to help develop their understanding of electrical components, circuits and systems. They also develop diagnostic and fault-finding skills using real test equipment.

This resource can also be used in conjunction with Optional Cloud-based Software, which offers online practical tasks as well as interactive theory presentations, investigations, and assessments, which link directly to the practical activities carried out using this resource.

Trainer provides the Following Features:
  • Patching area for carrier-mounted components
  • 12V DC source with battery symbol
  • Resettable fuse
  • Switches:
    • Push-to-make, Push-to-break, 2-position off-on, 2-position changeover, 3-position on-off-on, 2-position and 2-pole changeover
  • Lamps:
    • 12V, 0.4W (x2), 12V, 1W
The carrier-mounted Component Set includes:
  • 12V, 0.35W lamp (x2)
  • 12V, 0.7W lamp (x2)
  • Resistors (330?, 1k?, 10k?)
  • Toggle switch (2-position off-on)

Typical Practical Tasks Include:
  • Simple circuits and measurements
  • Battery, fuse, switch and lamp components
  • Common ground circuits
  • Wiring diagrams
  • Current flow
  • Power
  • Continuity
  • Circuit faults
  • Lamps in series and parallel
  • Switches in series and parallel
  • Two- and three-position switches
  • Ohm's Law and Resistance
Product: Auto Electronics Trainer
Product Code: 700-10

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