Pneumatics UniTrain Course
The course imparts the basic knowledge of pneumatics. In all practice-related project tasks, core and specialist qualifications are imparted in an integrated manner, including independent planning, execution and control. Basic training in a wide range of vocational fields is intended to impart skills and qualifications in a practice-oriented manner. In order to carry out a qualified professional activity, the pupils should in particular learn how to plan, carry out and control independently as well as how to act in the overall context of the company.
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Training Concepts:
  • Understanding physical laws of pneumatics such as pressure difference and compressibility.
  • Get to know and take into account the legal requirements and safety regulations
  • Learn and use the most important symbols of pneumatics
  • Understand the function of basic pneumatic circuits
  • Recognise the typical behaviour of pneumatic components in different operating situations
  • Determine characteristic values
  • Creating circuit diagrams with the circuit diagram software
Product: Pneumatics UniTrain Course
Product Code: CO4205-5E

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