Hydraulics/Electrohydraulics UniTrain Course
Due to the leakage from loose connecting tubes, it is possible to work safely and cleanly in a classroom, even with pressures of up to 40 bars. The accompanying UniTrain self-learning course guides students through all the fundamental topics of hydraulics. Set up logical operations in the circuit editor included in the software or wire up the required projects in conventional fashion using the control elements built into the board.
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Training Concepts:
  • Fundamentals of hydraulics/electro-hydraulics
  • Hydraulic and electric circuit diagrams
  • Single- and double-acting cylinders
  • Extending a cylinder by means of a button
  • Extending a cylinder with self-holding
  • Normally closed limit switches
  • Hydraulic feed control with start requirement
  • Start interlocking with random intermediate stop
  • Pressure-dependent control
  • Mechanical interlocking of a button contact
  • Electrical interlocking of a button contact
  • High-speed motion circuit
  • Time-dependent control
  • Recording of displacement/time diagrams
Product: Hydraulics/Electrohydraulics UniTrain Course
Product Code: CO4205-8A

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