Servo Motor Technology UniTrain Course
The DC servo-training system lets you automatically control both angle and speed with precision. Position and speed of a DC servo-motor are accurately detected by an incremental encoder with the data then passed on to a PC for further processing. This makes it possible to record step responses and determine time constants. Practical exercises convey the knowledge necessary to set parameters for P, I, PID and cascade controllers correctly, to deploy them and to understand their various effects on the system. Project work involves implementation of a time-dependent positioning sequence for a rotating platform.
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Training Concepts:
  • Analysis of open- and closed-loop control implications for a DC servo motor
  • Closed-loop control of angle and speed
  • Detection of position and speed of a DC servo by means of an incremental encoder
  • Recording step responses
  • Determination of control characteristic, lag time, transient response, system deviation and control oscillation
  • Determining time constants
  • Operation with various types of controller
  • Investigation of servo-drive response to changes in load
Product: Servo Motor Technology UniTrain Course
Product Code: CO4204-8H

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