Fundamentals of PLC Technology UniTrain Course
Today's highly automated industrial landscape features machinery that practically operates by itself. As a rule, the plants and systems are operated by programmable logic control units or PLCs. An understanding of how these controls operate and are networked is imperative. Students and trainees gain more than just an introduction into this subject using the PLC basics board which is manufacturer neutral.
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Training Concepts:
  • Basic principles and terminology for PLCs
  • Design and operation
  • Logic operations, memory functions, time and counter functions, analogue value processing
  • Programming using structured text (ST), function block diagrams (FBD) or ladder diagrams (LD)
  • Combination of basic operations
  • Project planning of an automation system
  • Project planning in digital technology
  • Project planning in traffic light control
  • Project planning in analogue value processing
  • Project planning in 7-segment displays
Product: Fundamentals of PLC Technology UniTrain Course
Product Code: CO4204-8M

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