PLC Touch Panel Models
The touch panel models provide a system with which students can swiftly master an introduction to TIA (Totally Integrated Automation) portals. The models are designed to cover all the basic functionality of PLC programming. All the topics are included, from programming of data blocks, state machine and sequential programming, right up to the design of controllers. The animated illustration of the models simplifies understanding of how the models respond to programming. What was previously indicated by means of flashing LEDs or by additional software can now be replaced by a compact system. By activating the PLC system’s digital outputs, the models can be manually controlled without difficulty, so that students can investigate precisely how they function.

This Training System is a Supplement Equipment Set to the:

Siemens SIMATIC S7-1200 PLC Basic Equipment Set

Training Concepts:
  • Transport crane (step sequence programming for advanced students)
  • Road works traffics lights (animated vehicles respond automatically to the state of the traffic lights)
  • Container filling plant (process automation of a system with three tanks)
  • Conveyor belt (introduction to step sequence programming with plenty of exercises)
  • Three-storey lift (state machine and step sequence programming)
  • Star-delta starting circuit (timer programming)
  • Dual 7-segment display (programming of data blocks)
  • Automatic room temperature control (use of a closed-loop control module)
Product: PLC Touch Panel Models
Product Code: CLC 37

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