Smart Homes using Existing Bus Systems
The interface board supplements existing bus systems. It acts as a central communications facility for various bus systems. It can be used to exchange data between KNX, DALI and EnOcean buses. At the same time, it also offers access for setting KNX parameters via Ethernet.

Note: This Training System is a Supplement Equipment Set to the:
  • Fault notifications and visualisation capabilities for entire lighting installations
  • 14 Lighting scenarios which can be controlled and saved via KNX
  • Power-on level subject to modifiable parameters: It is possible to program the brightness levels with which lights should activate once operating power is restored to their ballast units
  • Sequential control: Up to 10 scenarios can be configured in sequence, which can repeat from 1 to 254 times or be repeated indefinitely
    • Correction of characteristics: The DALI characteristic can be made linear and KNX control signals can be set to trigger at higher levels.
    • Switching, dimming, setting of brightness levels
    • Stairway lighting function
    • Slave function for integration into constant lighting level control systems
    • “Seasoning” function: e.g. for dimmable fluorescent lamps
      Product: Smart Homes using Existing Bus Systems
      Product Code: EIT 8.3

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