Data Acquisition using RFID and NFC UniTrain Course
Today RFID and NFC technologies are being deployed in more and more systems and application areas. These technologies permit the transfer of data to the most diverse objects without the need for a physical contact.
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Training Concepts:
  • Overview of RFID/NFC technology
  • Application areas of RFID/NFC systems
  • Familiarisation with RFID/NFC system components
  • Identifying various transponder types
  • Learning about the operating frequencies of various RFID/NFC systems
  • Naming the properties and reach of different RFID/NFC systems
  • Learning the procedures for energy link and data transmission
  • Transformer principle and electrical resonant circuit
  • Auxillary carrier modulation
  • RFID standard
  • NFC standard
  • Data coding and transmission analysis
  • Writing onto and reading from the transponder
  • Assessing RFID/NFC messages
  • Anti-collision procedure
  • Standard commands and flags
  • Course Duration: 4 h
Product: Data Acquisition using RFID and NFC UniTrain Course
Product Code: CO4205-4S

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