Pulse Modulation Methods PAM/PCM/Delta UniTrain Course
There are a host of benefits associated with the transmission of digital rather than analog data via communications channels. In addition to the higher quality and improved immunity to interference comes the added benefit of multiplexing several channels at once, which was a decisive advantage in getting this technique assimilated so quickly into telecommunications and signal transmission technologies.
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Training Concepts:
  • Principle of PAM/PCM/delta modulation
  • Quantization, companding according to a-Law and µ-law
  • Transmission characteristics and signal waveform measurements
  • Shannon‘s sampling theorem
  • Line codes: AMI, HDB3 and modified AMI
  • Clock recovery, phase jitter, optimal filtering, anti-aliasing
  • Course Duration: approx. 4 h
Product: Pulse Modulation Methods PAM/PCM/Delta UniTrain Course
Product Code: CO4204-9J

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