Modem Methods ASK/FSK/PSK UniTrain Course
When analog channels are utilised to transmit digital data, then this mostly involves performing so-called shift-keying on the sinusoidal carrier’s parameters. This transmission method is standard for cable modems or telefax devices, but is also used in modern radio transmission methods.
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Training Concepts:
  • Transmission of digital signals via analog lines, ASK, FSK
  • Spectrum of an ASK / FSK modulated signal
  • Data transmission rate and required bandwidth in the case of ASK/FSK
  • Demodulation of FSK signals
  • Principle of PSK (DPSK) and QPSK (DQPSK) modulation
  • Baud rates, dibits, transmission rate
  • Course Duration: approx. 2.5 h
Product: Modem Methods ASK/FSK/PSK UniTrain Course
Product Code: CO4204-9L

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