LIN Bus UniTrain Course
LIN Bus is employed mainly for comfort systems which are not crucial to safety. With this training system students examine the bus protocol and learn to perform systematic troubleshooting.
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Training Topics:
  • Development of bus systems in motor vehicles
  • Modern automotive bus systems
  • Topology and components of a LIN-bus system in a motor vehicle
  • Experimental determination of electrical properties of a LIN bus (voltage levels)
  • Introduction to the principle of addressing on a LIN bus
  • Master and slave principle
  • Investigation of data fields by measurement
  • Structure of a packet frame for an LIN message
  • Analysis of LIN messages using LIN monitor and oscilloscope
  • Interpretation of LIN messages using LIN monitor and oscilloscope
  • Editing and sending LIN messages using a PC
  • Fault simulation (software-activated errors)
Product: LIN Bus UniTrain Course
Product Code: CO4204-7E

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