Ethernet UniTrain Course UniTrain Course
This training system enables trainees to set up an authentic Ethernet network and put it into operation. The focus is on implementing communication with the outside world via an existing EOBD connection precisely as it would be in a real vehicle. There is a genuine connection for this purpose built into one of the three modules. The other two modules form an "infotainment" network involving communication via Ethernet. The prime aspect here is the transmission of real-time data. The individual control units can be configured separately with the help of the supplied firmware dongle. In this way, one module can be set up as a media server and the other as a controller for the vehicle's sound system. Any audio files can be played by means of such a network (using USB).
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Training Topics:
  • Setting up an Ethernet network for a motor vehicle
  • Areas of application
  • Real-time transmission of data
  • Ethernet system components
  • Difference between Ethernet and CAN buses
  • Comparison of standard Ethernet and Ethernet for vehicles
  • Software updates for in-vehicle systems via Ethernet
  • Use of OBDII interfaces via Ethernet
  • Benefits and risks
Product: Ethernet UniTrain Course UniTrain Course
Product Code: CO4205-1A

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