Comfort Systems and Keyless Entry UniTrain Course
Comfort systems in the motor vehicle provide an essential, overall boost to active safety. Drivers are reluctant to do without a certain amount of driving comfort. New innovative operating systems quickly penetrate the market and rapidly become the standard. Training covers all the essentials of testing, diagnosing, repairing and performing adjustments on comfort systems, safety systems and door-locking systems all in accordance with customer requirements and includes documenting the results. With an excellent grasp of the system the applications are easier to implement in practice.
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Training Topics:
  • Comfort systems and safety
  • Comfort systems in vehicles
  • Central locking, electrical
  • Central locking, electro-pneumatic
  • Operation of central locking system, mechanical, infra-red, radio and self-triggering
  • Familiarisation with various types of car key
  • Keyless entry to vehicles
  • Keyless locking
  • Keyless entry system
  • Non-contact opening of central locking
  • CAN network structure
  • Familiarisation with and configuration of comfort systems in vehicles
  • Communication processes between vehicle and keyless entry remote (fob)
  • Low-frequency RFID (communication between vehicle and key remote)
  • High-frequency radio (communication between key remote and vehicle)
  • HF and LF aerials
  • Measurement of signal strength from aerials
  • Fitting keyless systems to existing vehicles
Product: Comfort Systems and Keyless Entry UniTrain Course
Product Code: CO4204-6G

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