CAN Bus FD (Flexible Data Rate) UniTrain Course
For around 20 years now CAN bus has been the dominant bus system in the automobile industry. This is true whether it be in the compact car segment, the luxury sedan class or even commercial utility vehicles. Seen from the bus system’s perspective the CAN bus provides the foundation upon which communication within the vehicle can happen. But due to the ever growing “electronification” of the motor vehicle, even this universally deployable communication bus is now reaching its limits. For that reason, it was of the utmost importance that progress be made in the development of the CAN bus and to adapt it to the enhanced technical demands of the here and now. The result is called CAN-FD (FD stands for Flexible Data-Rate) and is currently being integrated into the mass production of major car manufacturers.

To facilitate optimum customer-oriented diagnostics in garages and repair shops, these innovations need to be understood, particularly in terms of their details appear in signal traces. A flexible transmission speed or bit rate as well as an extended data length mean that new bits have to be used which act as indicators. All of these special features as well as more efficient diagnostic approaches will be presented in this UniTrain course and explained in simple and understandable terms using a host of experiments. The trainee puts his or her own CAN FD network into operation and then proceeds to perform diagnostics that also includes a comprehensive set of measurements.
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Training Topics:
  • State-of-the-art technology explained in an easy and understandable way
  • Perfect preparation for real diagnostics in the garage
  • Measurements conducted on a real CAN FD network
  • Easy to put into operation
  • Includes diagnostics software to do readings on the CAN FD bus
Product: CAN Bus FD (Flexible Data Rate) UniTrain Course
Product Code: CO4205-1S

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