Three-phase Generator (Alternator) with Multifunction Controller Trainer
This training system is used to examine how energy is generated in modern motor vehicles. Today‘s compact generators make use of a monolithic controller. This kind of multifunction controller (MFC) has now largely replaced hybrid controllers. A progressive sequence of experiments gradually introduces students to the subject of power generation in automobiles.

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Training Concepts:
  • Workshop orders and descriptions of faults form the basis of students’ plans for testing and repairing automotive electrical and electronic systems
  • Principle of three-phase generation and voltage regulation
  • Understanding how a three-phase alternating voltage arises
  • Properties of a multifunction controller
  • Understanding rectification and protection using power Z-diodes
  • Battery monitoring (sensing)
  • Examining pre-excitation (PWM)
  • Fault diagnosis in the system
Product: Three-phase Generator (Alternator) with Multifunction Controller Trainer
Product Code: ASA 6

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