Three-phase Generator (Alternator) with Hybrid Controller
This training system enables the trainees to become familiar with the function of the hybrid controller. Experiments are conducted and observations made as to how the hybrid controller maintains the generator voltage at a certain level, regardless of speed and load. The role of the average excitation current is explored as well as how changes are brought about in the magnetic field and stator winding induction.

The trainees thereby learn independently and can monitor their knowledge in exercises and tests.

Training Concepts:
  • Workshop orders and descriptions of faults form the basis of students’ plans for testing and repairing automotive electrical and electronic systems
  • Principle of three-phase generation and voltage regulation
  • Understanding how a three-phase alternating voltage arises
  • Properties of a hybrid controller
  • Understanding the necessity of exciter diodes
  • Investigating the exciter current
  • Fault diagnosis in the system
Product: Three-phase Generator (Alternator) with Hybrid Controller
Product Code: ASA 7

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