High-Speed Glow Heating Trainer
For diesel engines to start well when cold, it is necessary to pre-condition the combustion chamber to the right temperature. One very important distinguishing feature is the operating voltage of the plugs. Glow plug systems are conventionally powered using 12 V. Modern systems, though, are controlled using pulse-width modulation, which results in a voltage of close to 12 V during starting but 5 V during normal operation. Glow plugs controlled in this way are known as low-voltage plugs.
Training Concepts:
  • Necessity for starting aids
  • System components in a heater (glow) plug system
  • Glow plugs and control unit
  • Phases in the glow process before the engine is started
  • Intermediate and post-glow
  • Measuring voltage with an oscilloscope
Product: High-Speed Glow Heating Trainer
Product Code: ATS 1

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