Photovoltaics in Motor Vehicles UniTrain Course
The term photovoltaics means a direct conversion of sunlight into electrical energy by means of solar cells. The energy obtained in this manner can be supplied to ancillary consumers to enhance driving comfort, e.g. to additionally cool a vehicle interior in extremely bright sunshine. With this training system students very quickly grasp the fundamentals of this technology.
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Training Topics:
  • Functioning principle and method of operation of solar cells
  • Meaning of terms "solar radiation" and "solar constant"
  • Various types of solar cell
  • Methods of manufacture for solar cells
  • Circuit designs for solar cells
  • Recording the characteristic for a solar module
  • How current and voltage from a solar module depend on temperature, radiation intensity and angle of incidence
  • Design of a solar rechargeable battery
  • Energy storage in a solar rechargeable battery
  • Various types of solar plant
  • Design of an insular power network with a rechargeable battery
Product: Photovoltaics in Motor Vehicles UniTrain Course
Product Code: CO4205-6N

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