High Voltage Battery with Smart Relays UniTrain Course
The course reproduces the most important functions of a real HV battery and thus optimally prepares the trainee for the next stage of HV training. The simple commissioning of the system is accomplished in a few seconds and immediately the trainee is able, together with the e-learning course, to put the HV battery into READY mode. In addition to all the important technical topics, the topics of occupational safety and the intrinsic safety of electric and hybrid vehicles are also explained. Numerous animations and images support the transfer of knowledge, as do the practical experiments that reinforce the theory learned in practice. Finally, all contents are tested via various knowledge tests, so that the knowledge level of each individual trainee can be worked out. Through the target group-oriented fault simulation, the trainee can enter diagnostics even at this level and gather important basic knowledge for complex diagnostics on the HV vehicle.
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Training Topics:
  • List rules for work safety for HV vehicles
  • Structure and function of a HV battery
  • Structure of a battery management system (BMS)
  • Interaction of the interlock with the HV battery
  • Getting to know the 3 relays (HV+, Precharge and HV)
  • Analysis of the process to switch on the HV voltage
  • Ready mode
  • Special feature of Smart Relays
  • Release by means of HV service plug
  • Meaning of HV capacitors
  • Diagnosis in the HV battery
Product: High Voltage Battery with Smart Relays UniTrain Course
Product Code: CO4205-1Z

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