Fuel Cells in Motor Vehicles UniTrain Course
Many experts from the automotive industry and vehicle development see fuel cells as a possible solution to the fact that the range of current electric vehicles remains too limited. As a cleaner alternative to electric/petrol hybrids with their own internal combustion engine, fuel cells may be in a position to supply electrical energy on the basis of two inexpensive and readily available substances. However, for automotive mechatronics engineers, fuel cells represent a new and hitherto untried technology, for which maintenance and diagnostics will need to be learned. This course provides the necessary knowledge and understanding of the way that such fuel cells work and how they are put together. In addition, numerous experiments and measurements on an authentic fuel cell enable trainees to gain the practical experience and diagnostic skills required for dealing with this technology.
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Training Topics:
  • Fuel cell application in motor vehicles
  • Function and design of fuel cells
  • How a fuel cell works
  • Fundamentals of the chemical process
  • Recording characteristics
  • Efficiency of a fuel cell
Product: Fuel Cells in Motor Vehicles UniTrain Course
Product Code: CO4204-6M

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