48V Sub-systems in On-board Vehicle Networks UniTrain Course
An on-board electrical system running at 48 V gives vehicle manufacturers a cost-effective way to lower CO2 emissions from vehicles, as well as introducing powerful new technologies into cars and lorries. Use of 48-V lithium-ion batteries in parallel with a traditional 12-V on-board network, does however mean that a whole new voltage level is introduced into motor vehicles, which also means new challenges for mechanics in vehicle workshops. It is often forgotten that some systems assigned to a 48-V network could also come into a high-voltage category under certain circumstances. This specifically applies, for example, to the three-phase motors used in active roll stabilisation systems. Vehicle mechatronics technicians then not only need to know about the design and networking of a such an on-board sub-network, but also all of the safety regulations needed to ensure safe and professional working. In order to meet these new demands, we have developed a suitable new UniTrain course.
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Training Topics:
  • Design of a 48-V on-board sub-network
  • Integration into vehicles
  • Typical 48V components
  • Isolation of 12V/48V on-board network
  • Sample applications
  • Circuit diagrams for 48-V on-board sub-networks
  • Isolating/disconnecting 48-V on-board sub-networks
  • Safety procedures for diagnostic work
  • Diagnostics 
Product: 48V Sub-systems in On-board Vehicle Networks UniTrain Course
Product Code: CO4205-1T

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