Fundamentals of Automotive Electronics EloTrain Course (4 mm)
All the benefits of the 2-mm system, but with bigger components, more power supply options and all contained in a single case, the 4-mm system means circuits can be put together quickly without any need for computers. A multifunctional power supply with built-in function generator and a three-phase generator provides safety extra-low voltage. Self-resetting circuit breakers cut off in the event of overload current, meaning there is no need to replace fuses. Extremely safe and maintenance-free - ideal for learning the basics of electrical systems in vehicles.
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Training Concepts:
  • Introduction to parallel and series circuits
  • Using multimeters
  • Using oscilloscopes
  • How a relay works
  • Investigation of transistor circuits
  • Experiments on a resistor in series with a ventilation system
  • Measuring resistance
Product: Fundamentals of Automotive Electronics EloTrain Course (4 mm)
Product Code: PS4400-2B

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