Common Rail Diesel Injection System UniTrain Course
What goes into making a diesel engine run “smoothly“? How can engines be designed to lower exhaust gas emissions? The fact that everything is just a question of the injection system makes this field all the more exciting. This topic is made easier to comprehend using our training system which empowers the trainee to learn about injection pressures, processes and air-fuel quantities in a self-controlled learning process. Covering the entire spectrum of systems available on the market the trainees are able to switch between the various injector types and thus gain an overview of the entire topic.
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Training Topics:
  • Requirements of diesel injection systems
  • Design and operation of the common-rail system
  • Fault localisation in a common-rail system
  • Injection response of common-rail units
  • Design and control of solenoid valve injector
  • Design and control of piezo-injectors
  • Design and operation of high-pressure generating systems
  • Design and operation of sensors and actuators
  • How high-pressure regulation works
  • Pilot injection
  • Main injection
  • Post injection
  • Regeneration of soot particle filter
  • Zero fuel correction
Product: Common Rail Diesel Injection System UniTrain Course
Product Code: CO4204-6X

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