Gesture Control and Capacitive Touchscreens UniTrain Course
This training system enables trainees to gain a deeper understanding and learn the necessary diagnostic skills for the modern operating concepts of current motor vehicles. They learn how capacitive and resistive touch screens work, as well as their differences in operation. Closely related to the capacitive touch screens are the capacitive switches, which are also a didactic component of the training system. The highlight, however, is the integrated gesture control, which trainees will learn about in detail in a practical experiment. The overall package is rounded off by numerous diagnostic jobs, which automatically activate fault simulations on the training system.
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Training Topics:
  • Fundamentals of capacitive touch sensors
  • Input, processing, output principle (IPO)
  • Switching thresholds of touch sensors
  • Analogue and digital voltage outputs
  • Control of seat heating
  • Fundamentals of capacitive gesture control
  • Opening a tailgate with a gesture
  • Networking in vehicles - CAN bus
  • Diagnostics
Product: Gesture Control and Capacitive Touchscreens UniTrain Course
Product Code: CO4205-1U

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