Lighting and Blind/Shutter Control using KNX
The demands on wiring installation in buildings are getting tougher all the time as the technology itself advances. Electricians need to keep abreast of these developments. KNX installation technology expands upon conventional wiring and blazes a new trail, creating a full building management system. In addition to the normal wiring, a bus system is also required to allow for communication between end devices. All these devices are possessed of their own intelligence programmed via a PC. The system is decentralised and the PC is only used for programming the equipment.

Note: This Training System is a Basic Equipment Set.

Supplementary Equipment Sets:

Training Concepts:
  • Fundamentals of a KNX bus
  • Preparation and installation of a KNX project
  • Programming devices using an on/off circuit as an example
  • Programming a two-way circuit
  • Including conventional switches in a KNX project
  • Programming a central function
  • Switching and dimming lights
  • Control of blinds and curtains
Product: Lighting and Blind/Shutter Control using KNX
Product Code: EIT 8.1

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