Advanced Building Automation with KNX
The demands on electrical wiring in buildings continue to grow in step with the latest developments in technology. The modern electrician must come to terms with this development. The following topics build on conventional wiring installation and indicate a new way of assembling building management systems. In addition to the standard wiring network a bus system is required in order for the individual terminal devices to communicate. All terminal devices have intelligent software and are programmed with a PC. This is a decentralised system in which the PC is used exclusively for programming.

Note: This Training System is a Supplement Equipment Set to the Equipment Set:

Training Concepts:

Monitoring System
  • Commissioning of the safety terminal (4 channel)
  • Arming device
  • optical and acoustic evaluation of the messages
  • Window, door and bolt switch contacts
Air Conditioning Control
  • Commissioning room thermostat and fan coil actuator
  • Heating control for room temperature
  • Cooling and air conditioning
  • Ventilation control 3-stage
Weather Station
  • Collection of weather data via sensors
  • Control of the blinds depending on the weather data
  • Alarm messages and notes

Automatic Lighting Control
  • Use and functionality of presence and motion sensors
  • brightness sensors
Operation and Visualisation
  • Commissioning of a touch panel
  • Programming the touch panel
  • Graphical display on the touch panel
Logic Functions
  • Application
Product: Advanced Building Automation with KNX
Product Code: EIT 8.2

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