Mains Synchronisation Training System
In mains synchronization, the unloaded generator is connected to the mains power grid. Voltage, frequency and phase-angle have to coincide with the corresponding variable on the mains power grid. To measure these variables, a variety of different measuring instruments are used. The variables are set by means of the generator speed and generator excitation.

Power Classes Available: 0.3 & 1 kW

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Training Concepts:
  • Manual mains synchronisation with the aid of synchronising bright-method, dark-method and three-lamp synchronisation circuits
  • Mains synchronisation using two-range frequency, two-range voltmeter, synchronoscope and zero-voltage meter
  • Influence of the generator speed
  • Influence of generator excitation
  • Adjusting power flow by means of the drive
Product: Mains Synchronisation Training System
Product Code: EEM 5.2

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