Zigbee Devices
Zigbee devices are part of the “Smart Home” training system and are used to set up a Smart Home System with various pieces of equipment.

Zigbee devices are Smart Home products which can communicate with each other using an energy-efficient wireless standard called Zigbee. Zigbee was developed for home automation, sensor networks and lighting technology. You can control various features in the Smart Home including, for example, lighting, heating, security, monitoring and more.

Zigbee devices form a mesh network, which means that they transfer the signals of one device to the other. This boosts the technical reach of the network. Zigbee devices consume very little energy and for that reason can be operated for prolonged periods using batteries.

Zigbee devices are compatible with many Smart Home systems, such as Philips Hue, Amazon Echo, AVM FRITZ! and Ikea TRÅDFRI.

Note: This Training System is a Supplement Equipment Set to the:

Training Concepts:
  • Fundamentals of smart home systems
  • Information about various radio systems
  • Mode of operation of the Zigbee standard
  • How to develop a structured project and also use that methodology later on
  • Overview of possibilities opened up by using smart home systems
  • Set-up, configuration and commissioning of a smart home network
Product: Zigbee Devices
Product Code: EIT 10.3

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