Z-Wave Devices
Z-Wave devices are part of the “Smart Home” training system and are used to set up a Smart Home System with various pieces of equipment.

The Z-Wave devices have been optimised for low energy consumption and high communication reliability and communicate via the Z-Wave standard.

You can control various features in the Smart Home including, for example, lighting, heating, security, monitoring and more.

Z-Wave devices and mutually compatible since they all use the same “language”.

Note: This Training System is a Supplement Equipment Set to the:

Training Concepts:
  • Fundamentals of smart home systems
  • Information about various radio systems
  • Mode of operation of the Z-Wave standard
  • How to develop a structured project and also use that methodology later on
  • Overview of possibilities opened up by using smart home systems
  • Set-up, configuration and commissioning of a smart home network
Product: Z-Wave Devices
Product Code: EIT 10.2

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