Vehicle Trailer Lighting Equipment Set
Once upon a time trailer lighting was simple to explain, but those days are over. Now the demands being made on teachers have grown in step with the complexity of the electrical system in question. In today’s classroom it is not just how the plug’s pin socket assignment works, but also how to protect the towing vehicle from overloading and whether or not the control functions on the trailer comply with legal stipulations.

This Equipment Set is a Supplementary Equipment Set to the:
Training Concepts:
  • Installation and commissioning of auxiliary equipment and systems according to manufacturing specs
  • Perform retrofitting of lighting systems on the motor vehicle
  • Distinguish between control and load circuits
  • Protect circuitry with fuses
  • Record measured values and perform trouble shooting
  • Trailer socket and plug assignments
Product: Vehicle Trailer Lighting Equipment Set
Product Code: ALC 1.3

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