Vehicle Onboard Power Supply Expansion Equipment Set
The motor vehicle onboard power supply is very complex. The authorities are constantly stipulating new rules and regulations involving this aspect in motor vehicles. This means that expansions and adaptations of the training material should permit the training system to reflect existing legal requirements. Facilitating the adaptation of onboard power supply systems to the latest technologies is one of the hallmarks of a training system designed for practical applications.

This Equipment Set is a Supplementary Equipment Set to the:
Training Concepts:
  • Design a daytime running light controlled using PWM control
  • Use incandescent lamp circuit in practical applications
  • Assemble a circuit designed to unload the onboard power supply during start ignition
  • Understand the design of relay circuits and be able to use them in practical application
  • Comprehend starter connection and how the internal starter circuitry works
Product: Vehicle Onboard Power Supply Expansion Equipment Set
Product Code: ALC 1.7

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