Vehicle CAN Bus Lighting Extension Equipment Set
Expand any of the existing automotive lighting displays by a CAN-bus node that is diagnostics capable. This novel concept permits operation in low-speed mode and, with just the push of a button, in high-speed mode, too. As a result, even without a CAN-bus drive you can explore the basics of the different transmission speeds and the voltage levels associated with them. With the fault simulator you only have to activate a switch to feed various ISO standard fault codes onto the CAN bus.

This Equipment Set is a Supplementary Equipment Set to the:
Training Concepts:
  • Design of a steering column control unit
  • Data transmission via a CAN bus
  • Data protocol for low-speed CAN (class B), data protocol for high-speed CAN (class C)
  • Fault patterns on a high-speed CAN bus and on a lowspeed CAN bus
  • Perform diagnostics on the CAN bus and analyse the Baud rate
  • Carry out short-circuit test of the power output stage
Product: Vehicle CAN Bus Lighting Extension Equipment Set
Product Code: ALC 1.6

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