Pumped Storage & Various Power Plants
In pumped storage power stations electric energy is stored by converting the potential energy of water and then converting this potential energy into electrical power which is then fed back into the grid. Thanks to the growth in regenerative energy generation these so-called hydroelectric power storage stations are not only necessary but indispensible in smart power grids with high grid quality.

Note: This Training System is a Supplement Equipment Set to the:

Training Concepts:
  • Setting up synchronisation
    • Putting a multi-function relay into operation
  • Generator operation
  • Grid synchronisation
    • Setting parameters for a multi-function relay
    • Automatic synchronisation
  • Manual power regulation for generators and motors
  • Generator control using SCADA
  • Power plants
    • Types of power plant
    • Typical characteristic curves and parameters
    • Commissioning and operation of various types of power station
    • Finding out how power plants work
    • Automatic load following with externally measured active and reactive power
  • Pumped storage power plants in a smart grid
Product: Pumped Storage & Various Power Plants
Product Code: EUG 3/4

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