Wind Power Ready-to-go Kit
With the leXsolar – Wind area of expertise you develop an understanding of the physical basics of wind energy utilization and the practical application of this technology. True to the tradition of the Ready-to-go series, this system enables the maximum number of experiments without the need for additional accessories. It comes in a sturdy aluminium case and is location-independent. All needed equipment and the "Anemometer" expansion are already included. With the leXsolar Wind Ready-to-go, you will be able to answer any questions you may have concerning the basic concepts of using wind energy.

Training concepts include:
  • Influence of the wind speed on a wind turbine
  • Start-up wind speed at a wind turbine
  • Comparison of the start-up wind speed of a Savonius and a three-blade rotor
  • Change the turbine voltage by connecting a consumer
  • Examine the wind speed behind the rotor
  • Energy balance sheet at a wind turbine
  • Calculating the efficiency of a wind turbine
  • Storing electric energy
  • Energy conversion in a wind turbine

  • Examine colour wheels using a wind turbine
  • Comparison of a Savonius rotor and a three-blade rotor
  • Comparison of two, three and four-blade rotors
  • Characteristic curves of a wind turbine
  • Influence of the wind direction
  • Influence of the rotor blade pitch
  • Influence of the rotor blade pitch on the start up speed of a wind turbine
  • Influence of the blade shape
Product: Wind Power Ready-to-go Kit
Product Code: 1405

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