ThermalEnergy Ready-to-go Kit
The area of expertise leXsolar-ThermalEnergy summarizes all the technologies for renewable heat production. This includes solar collectors as well as the CSP-technology (Concentrated Solar Power) for the production of electricity from solar heat.

This experimentation kit allows for the application of different technologies of solar thermal energy transformation. The product not only contains various solar collector systems which can be operated with or without pumps, but also CSP-technology (Concentrated Solar Power) and a Peltier element for the direct transformation into electric energy. Another main feature are the experiments regarding the basics of thermodynamics, like absorption of heat radiation and the convective flow of heat, that provide a comprehensive understanding of the applied physical effects.

Training concepts include:
  • Absorptivity and reflectivity of different materials
  • Focusing of light by a Fresnel lens
  • Thermal convection and layering
  • Thermal conduction
  • Thermal insulation
  • Solar thermal collector with pump circulation
  • Solar thermal collector with thermosiphon circulation
  • Variation of the flow speed

  • Collector circuit with heat exchanger
  • Collector circuit with paraffin heat reservoir
  • Parabolic trough collector with pump cycle
  • Defocussing
  • Qualitative demonstration of the functional principle
  • Investigating the thermoelectric generator
  • Quantitative determination of the electrical power
Product: ThermalEnergy Ready-to-go Kit
Product Code: 1304

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