Solar Power PV Ready-to-go Kit
Photovoltaics (PV) is the direct conversion of light into electrical energy through solar cells. This fully equipped experiment system can be used wherever you are without further components. This kit already includes all necessary ancillary equipment, like measuring equipment and is delivered in an aluminium case for easy transport. The scope of experiments ranges from simple trials that show the basic characteristics of the solar energy through to more challenging experiments dealing with topics like IV characteristics or temperature dependency of solar cells. Learn the principles regarding this technology and its practical application.

Training concepts include:
  • Shading effect of solar cells in parallel connection
  • The solar cell as transmission measure
  • Power dependence on the frequency of the incident light
  • Optics
  • Differences in brightness
  • Tilt of the solar cells
  • Diffused radiation
  • Direct radiation
  • Albedo radiation
  • Colour characteristics
  • Colour mixtures
  • Optical illusions (Benham disk)
  • Series and parallel connection of solar cells

  • Power dependence on area of the solar cell
  • Power dependence on the angle of incidence
  • Power dependence on level of illumination
  • Power dependence ratio of energy conversion
  • Internal resistance of solar cells
  • Dark characteristic curve of solar cells
  • Inhibiting and conducting direction in illumination and darkness
  • IV characteristic and fill factor of the solar cell
  • IV characteristic of the solar cell in dependence on the level of illumination
  • Power dependence on temperature
  • Shading effect of solar cells in series connection
Product: Solar Power PV Ready-to-go Kit
Product Code: 1105

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