NewEnergy Ready-to-go Kit
leXsolar-NewEnergy gives you the opportunity to conduct experiments spanning various topics of renewable energies for primary and early high school students and to allow your students excellent access to the world of renewable energies.

The leXsolar-NewEnergy Kit is specifically adapted for young students in Primary and Junior High School and provides by qualitative and quantitative experiments an understanding of the topics photovoltaic, wind power, hydro power, electric mobility and fuel cells. With the enclosed Smart Control components, an innovative measuring and control system is available and all necessary accessories like power supply, cables and measuring devices are already included. Like the other products of the Ready-to-go line, the leXsolar-NewEnergy Ready-to-go amazes with its flexible and location-independent usability that doesn’t require any additional equipment.

Training concepts include:
  • Energy forms and energy conversion
  • Electrical energy and electrical circuits
  • The solar cell as energy source
  • The orientation of the solar cell to light
  • Difference between solar cells and solar panels
  • Partial shading of the solar panels
  • Power dependence on the area of the solar cell
  • Power dependence on the angle of incidence
  • Power dependence on the level of illumination
  • Internal resistance of solar cells
  • IV characteristic and fill factor of the solar cell
  • Power dependence on temperature
  • Wind energy conversion
  • The influence of wind direction
  • The influence of number of rotor blades
  • The influence the rotor blade shape
  • The influence of the rotor blade pitch
  • Characteristics of the wind generator
  • Energy from water power
  • Energy conversions at the water turbine
  • Influence of the water head
  • Influence of the angle of incidence

  • Power of a hydropower plant
  • Influence of the water head on the power
  • Operation of a solar-powered electric car
  • The speed of the electric car depending on the sunlight conditions
  • Operating an electric car with the capacitor
  • Dependence of the power of the electric car on the charge state of the capacitor
  • The characteristics of a capacitor
  • Energy storages
  • Solar energy storage
  • Wind energy storage
  • Optional fuel cell expansion: generation of hydrogen
  • The properties of a fuel cell
  • The properties of an electrolyser
  • IV-characteristics of an electrolyser
  • IV-characteristics of a fuel cell
  • Faraday and energy efficiency of an electrolyser
  • Faraday and energy efficiency of a fuel cell
  • Saving Energy
  • Comparison light bulb and LED
Product: NewEnergy Ready-to-go Kit
Product Code: 2002

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