BioFuel Ready-to-go Kit
These systems deals with the different technologies of producing and using biomass fuel. Biofuels have two important advantages: they store renewable energies and they can easily replace fossil fuel in transportation.

The entire process of producing biofuel is demonstrated with leXsolar-Biofuel Ready-to-go in the form of student experiments. The suitcase contains all necessary parts and components and can be used from any location. The first step is resource selection and fermentation. The resulting mash is then distilled with the condenser and the resulting ethanol will be characterised. Lastly, the produced bio fuel needs to be converted into usable energy - for example into electricity with the provided ethanol fuel cell. leXsolar-BioFuel Ready-to-go does not only cover bio ethanol production but also the generation of biodiesel through transesterification of fats.

Training concepts include:

Biodiesel production
  • Transesterification from fat to Biodiesel (FAME)
  • Determination of fat parameters
  • Extraction of fats from foods and oil plants
Alcohol fermentation
  • Production of a mash/ alcoholic fermentation
  • Fermentation of different sugar types (including catalytic splitting of starch)
  • Proof of fermentation gases

Distillation and production of Bioethanol
  • Distillation of mash
  • Characteristics of the produced Ethanol
Ethanol fuels
  • Introduction Ethanol fuel cell
  • I-V curve of Ethanol fuel cells
  • Dependency of Ethanol fuel cells on concentration and temperature
  • Energy balance of the whole process
Product: BioFuel Ready-to-go Kit
Product Code: 1703

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